Help Steven Escobar With To Get Back on Track With His Life – Make A Donation Now

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You may know him. He may have help you alot. He is very nice person, friend and employee. Sometimes when you are a caring person you help others. Yes that’s one thing in this world, we all help others when they need us.  Steven Escobar has been applying for jobs and going to interviews but no offers yet.

Steven Escobar has helped many people in his lifetime but now he needs us. Steven Escobar helped a man with $15K when he needed and this man never pay the money back. Now this man owes Steven Escobar over $31K.

This man lives rents two houses, one where he lives with his family and one he works and rents to get income from it. Instead this man is lying in the courts and even just hired an attorney instead of paying Steven Escobar.

So Steven Escobar has no income, soon he will be homeless because he has no money to pay his rent and his utilities. Many of his close friends keep telling Steven to be strong and the Karma will bite the person who has refuse to pay his money.

So while that happens, I ask you to please help Steven Escobar get back on track with life by making a small donation. Steven Escobar is not a bad person. He has help so many people with his media outlets but now he can not run them because of the costs and without cellphone or internet Steven Escobar can not do it.
So every one, please help Steven Escobar and remember that don’t give up to expect to get something back.

Thank You,

Alejandro  Leon

Make a donation now

You also send your donations via Paypal to:

or mail them to:

World Wide Vital Marketing & Public Relations

C/O: Steven Escobar Donation

P.O. BOX 292306

Los Angeles, CA 90029

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